Brew & Brownie, York – Review

Having been a student in York for the last 2 and a bit years, I have got to know the local area – particularly the local coffee shops – quite well. Brew & Brownie is one of my favourite places to go and eat, either for a full lunch or just a coffee and cake.


(From Brew & Brownie Website)


Brew & Brownie is in the centre of York, opposite the Museum Gardens. It is on quite a busy road, however, you wouldn’t know it just from looking around this coffee shop.ย The coffee served here is brewed from Extract Coffee in Bristol, as well as serving loose leaf tea from Brew Tea Co. The breakfast tea is my favourite to have, you can really tell the difference between loose leaf tea & standard teabag tea!


This visit I decided to have a gander at the Brunch menu, choosing to have the ‘Scrambled Free-Range Eggs on Sourdough’. Now, I eat scrambled eggs quite a lot because they are quick and easy and relatively healthy. However, I was blown away by how good these scrambled eggs were. They were perfectly cooked, just a little soft, which paired with the sourdough bread really made the whole meal work, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


(From Brew & Brownie Website)

My aim by the end of the uni year is to have tried all the different types of brownies they do – and I am excited for this venture. I’ve tried the Oreo brownie before, and honestly I think it will be hard to beat.



Brew & Brownie,
5 Museum Street

Disneyland Paris September 2017 Trip Report – Day 1

On September 4th, myself and two of my best friends from university headed to Disneyland Paris for 4 days of fun & magic. As Disney is one of my passions (you would know if you knew anything about me!) I thought I would do a little trip report of each day we were there, for me and the memories, and for anyone reading this who wants to hear about the 25th anniversary celebrations currently happening at Disneyland Paris.


We started off the trip early… and I mean EARLY. We were up at 3:30am for me to drive to Gatwick for our 8am flight. This first day I really was running on an hours sleep, caffeine and a lot of excitement. We made it to the airport in good time and we were through security by 6am, leaving plenty of time for breakfast at — in Gatwick. I had poached eggs on toast with tea and a mimosa (Helen had one too!), we were on holiday after all.

Our flight was the first flight to Paris of the day, so luckily we had no delays and we set off on time and had landed by 9:45am local time. Literally, 45 minute flight and we were THERE. Amazing. Security on the other side took a little time to get through, but we were still at the train station almost an hour before our train that would take us directly to Disneyland Paris, so we really had no hitches at all that morning.

The train from CDG airport to Disneyland Paris literally takes 9 minutes, and cost around ยฃ20 each way for each of us. It seems a lot for such a short journey, but compared to the Magical Express or hiring a private transfer, it’s really not too bad, especially for how convenient it is.

So.. by 12:15, we were at Disneyland and I honestly couldn’t believe it. We left our bags at the guest bag drop near the main gate and then we were in. I always get so emotional the first time I walk up main street, as I’m just taking in the magic all around me.

IMG_7108.JPGAs this was our first day, we spent most of it just getting our bearings in the main park. We made sure to purchase the Photopass straight away, as between the 3 of us it was only โ‚ฌ20 each, and we ended up with 80 photos over the 4 days so we could not complain.

We spent the afternoon doing rides, including Buzz and Hyperspace Mountain. Hyperspace Mountain has improved that ride so much – the loud music, extra effects and complete darkness was absolutely what that ride needed. Following this trip, I’m tempted to say it’s my favourite ride in the Disneyland Park now!


We also saw the Starlit Princess Waltz and although I didn’t get any fantastic photos (I was too busy watching!), it was fantastic. It sends such a good message to all watching and I have had the song in my head ever since. If you make it to Disneyland Paris before the end of the 25th anniversary – definitely go and see it!

We went to Hakuna Matata for dinner – honestly the BEST fries at Disney – and then found a spot for the fireworks. Now, I was a big, big fan of Dreams, and having heard some reviews of Illuminations (though I managed to stay mostly spoiler free), I was concerned. However, I was more impressed by Illuminations than I was expecting. It will never beat out Dreams for me, but I loved the story; following Mickey through all the different films. Plus, my number one, The Little Mermaid, had it’s own section, so I was happy.


We then picked our bags up, checked into the Kyriad, and basically fell into bed, ready for a busy second day. I’m planning on putting one of these posts out a week – so you’ll hear about that in future posts.