Brew & Brownie, York – Review

Having been a student in York for the last 2 and a bit years, I have got to know the local area – particularly the local coffee shops – quite well. Brew & Brownie is one of my favourite places to go and eat, either for a full lunch or just a coffee and cake.


(From Brew & Brownie Website)


Brew & Brownie is in the centre of York, opposite the Museum Gardens. It is on quite a busy road, however, you wouldn’t know it just from looking around this coffee shop.ย The coffee served here is brewed from Extract Coffee in Bristol, as well as serving loose leaf tea from Brew Tea Co. The breakfast tea is my favourite to have, you can really tell the difference between loose leaf tea & standard teabag tea!


This visit I decided to have a gander at the Brunch menu, choosing to have the ‘Scrambled Free-Range Eggs on Sourdough’. Now, I eat scrambled eggs quite a lot because they are quick and easy and relatively healthy. However, I was blown away by how good these scrambled eggs were. They were perfectly cooked, just a little soft, which paired with the sourdough bread really made the whole meal work, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


(From Brew & Brownie Website)

My aim by the end of the uni year is to have tried all the different types of brownies they do – and I am excited for this venture. I’ve tried the Oreo brownie before, and honestly I think it will be hard to beat.



Brew & Brownie,
5 Museum Street

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