Disney Wishlist | February 2018

Recently there’s been an abundance of new Disney merchandise I’ve got my eye on. Some from the parks, some from the Disney Store and some from individual Etsy shops. I thought I’d pull together some I’ve been looking at for a while, and maybe I’ll treat myself at some point in the future (says the girl who is supposed to be saving her money…)


The Oh My Disney range has just come to the Disney Store and I am OBSESSED. I love the set of three notepads and the pencils, and I really really want to treat myself to the ‘No Prince Needed’ luggage tag.

I am constantly scanning Instagram for new independent Disney inspired stores, and have recently come across Magical Thunder Press. Their t-shirts in particular are what I’ve been eyeing up, and I love the Princess and the Frog inspired one. Late Valentines day present to myself? Also, I am so close to buying the Mermaid Lagoon t-shirt it’s actually ridiculous. Someone hold me!!

Another Etsy store I’ve found recently is Seven Seas Tees. I adore their ‘Professional Park Hopper’ t shirt, perfect for a day in multiple parks!

The main item I’ve seen from the Disney parks themselves recently has been what everyone is talking about… the spirit jerseys. I feel like I will not leave Disney without one next time I go, I liked the original WDW one but then seeing the princess versions… I am prepared to go bankrupt to be honest.

What Disney things have you been loving recently?


*All products are linked so you can be as obsessed as I am!*
Picture of spirit jersey is from blogmickey!

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